Business Growth Opportunities with SCMBA’s Mentorship Program: This is a Request for Proposal (RFP)

by | Jun 26, 2020

The Stark County Minority Business Association (SCMBA) seeks a small business instructor/coach for its SCMBA Small Business Mentoring Program. This program is in partnership and with the support of The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce (CRCC) and SCORE.

The program initially will entail virtual classes conducted via ZOOM. Respondents will be required to offer, at a minimum, course materials on the following subjects, on specific dates to be determined:

o Accounting for small businesses (FILLED)

o Business Law for Small Business (CURRENTLY OPEN)

o Business Planning: Elements of the Business Plan (FILLED)

o Managing for Success: Building your Management Team (FILLED)

o HR for Small Business (FILLED)

o Marketing strategies for small businesses (FILLED)

o Use of technology in small business (FILLED)

Upon selection, the respondent selected for the program will work with SCMBA staff to refine the proposed curriculum as needed. Submission requirements ARE NEEDED IMMEDIATELY. Proposals shall include the following:

• Cover letter. Provide a summary of your instruction program and the materials available for this undertaking and the respondents experience teaching classes of this nature.

• Program Materials. A summary of the course materials covering the above-referenced subjects.

• Budget. Costs of services and related expenses.

• Any assistance required of SCMBA to present the materials via ZOOM.

Proposals shall be submitted electronically to Amilah L. Johnson Williams, Administrative Assistant & Mentorship Program Lead

Email proposals to:

For questions, please call office: (330) 458-2083 or cell phone: (330) 956-1686

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Evaluation and Selection:

SCMBA staff will review and evaluate the responses immediately. Interviews also may be required. SCMBA will accept the bid that best serves the interests of the association, taking into account the cost of the services to be provided.


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