A Guide for National Write a Business Plan Month

by | Dec 15, 2023

As December unfolds, entrepreneurs across the nation are taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in National Write a Business Plan Month. To support this endeavor, the Stark County Minority Business Association (SCMBA) and the Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) are excited to provide a series of invaluable tips and tricks to help you craft a robust business plan. In this blog post, we will explain the critical sections that form a comprehensive business plan, setting the stage for success in the coming year.

Executive Summary:
The executive summary serves as the business plan’s prelude, encapsulating the essence of your business. It includes a concise overview of the business, mission, and vision statements, and key objectives and goals. This section acts as a snapshot, providing readers with a quick understanding of your business and its aspirations.

Business Description:
Here, a detailed explanation of the business concept is presented, along with the mission, vision, and values. The legal structure and ownership details are also outlined, providing a foundation for understanding the organizational framework.

Market Analysis:
Understanding the market is imperative to your business. This section includes an industry overview, a description of the target market, a thorough analysis of competitors, and a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). This information is vital for developing strategies that capitalize on market opportunities.

Organization and Management:
The structure of the company, key personnel and their roles, and any advisory board or external consultants are outlined here. This section clearly shows the roles that will be responsible for driving the business forward.

Products or Services:
In this section, a detailed description of offerings, unique selling points, and any intellectual property or proprietary features are explained. This is where you showcase what sets your business apart from the competition.

Marketing and Sales Strategy:
A well-defined marketing and sales strategy is essential for business success. This section covers market positioning and branding, sales and distribution channels, and advertising and promotional strategies.

Funding Request (if applicable):
If you are seeking external funding, this section is crucial. It outlines the amount of funding required and the purpose it will serve.

Financial Projections:
This section provides a glimpse into the financial future of the business. Income statements, balance sheets, cash flow projections, break-even analysis, and the assumptions behind financial estimates are all included.

Market Research and Analysis:
Comprehensive market research is presented here, including detailed information on industry and market trends, consumer behavior and preferences, and the competitive landscape. This knowledge is fundamental for informed decision-making.

The appendix includes additional documents that support the business plan. This may include relevant charts, graphs, visuals, resumes of key team members, and any other supplementary information.

In conclusion, a well-structured business plan is a roadmap to success. Each section plays a crucial role in presenting a comprehensive and convincing case to potential investors, partners, or stakeholders. As National Write a Business Plan Month unfolds, please consider booking an appointment with SCMBA and MBAC for hands-on, one-on-one assistance with your business plan.

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