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by | Mar 8, 2024

Kiona Stevens, the SCMBA Recruiter of the Year for 2023, is an entrepreneur with a story that traces back to her middle school days. Growing up in Canton and graduating from McKinley High School, Kiona’s entrepreneurial spirit surfaced early. She reminisced about the humorous shutdown of her middle school store, which operated out of her locker. Despite the setback, Kiona’s entrepreneurial drive persisted, leading her to establish Chosen 1 Consulting eight years ago.

Chosen 1 Consulting, offers a range of services, including financial advising, tax preparation, real estate, and credit rebuilding. Her diverse skill set reflects her commitment to providing personalized services, distinguishing her from transactional competitors like big-name tax firms.

Kiona’s journey into finance began in 2006 when her sister suggested a career in a small firm due to her knack for numbers. With four degrees under her belt, Kiona realized she could make a more significant impact by starting her own business. Her motivation extended beyond financial success to address the lack of financial education in high schools and support for low-income individuals.

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Kiona highlighted funding and client acquisition as primary challenges. The freedom that entrepreneurship affords is Kiona’s favorite aspect. She urges other entrepreneurs to “keep going” no matter what.

Kiona says that SCMBA not only provided her with leads and referrals but also connected her with a mentor and financial support through the ERA program. The network and resources offered by SCMBA played a crucial role in Kiona’s journey, which is why she continuously referred people to join!

In closing, Kiona recommended SCMBA to aspiring entrepreneurs for its networking opportunities and the valuable services it provides.


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