Sweet Lemon Creations

by | Apr 19, 2024

Robin Lemon is the owner of Sweet Lemon Creations, specializing in the flavors of Southern tradition. In a recent interview, Robin shared her journey as a woman entrepreneur and the story behind her delicious treats.

Robin’s passion for baking traces back to her childhood, where she remembers watching her mother create desserts for their large family of twelve. From birthdays to special occasions, her mother’s homemade treats left a lasting impression on Robin. “My mother was my role model when it came to family and how to prepare meals for your family that were delicious,” she recalls. “For our large family, my mother, as well as my four sisters, made every kind of dessert you could possibly imagine. So I would say that would be my beginning.”

Inspired by her mother’s legacy, Robin focuses on the authentic taste of southern sweets. “I wanted to keep it traditional, like how my mother used to bake,” she explains. “What sets me apart is that my desserts look like the traditional desserts. And, first and foremost, I know that my desserts are delicious.”

One of Robin’s recent achievements was securing a contract with a local grocery store, Waco Market, a place deeply rooted in her childhood memories. The journey to getting her products on those shelves wasn’t easy. Initially met with hesitation due to limited space, Robin remained persistent and confident in her offerings. “At first, the manager said, ‘We don’t have any room.‘ My comeback was, but you don’t have what I’m offering,” she explained. ”And honestly, I believe that’s what got me in the door and, he could see something different in me.”

Being featured in Waco Market serves as a testament to Robin’s commitment to her business goals, “I had my samples with me, and I could see a door opening whenever he started to walk and show me what he already had,” she said. “After he saw my samples, it was like everything changed. And then he said, ’You know what? Let’s try this.’” Waco Market now features her desserts in the front row of the store. Robin says, “Don’t give up, because the answer may not always be yes right away. Just stand your ground, listen, and then give it your all.”

Beyond building her business, Robin is passionate about supporting her community and empowering fellow women entrepreneurs. With a background in mentoring, she sees her role as an opportunity to uplift others, regardless of their background or ethnicity. “I believe in equal opportunities for all,” she asserts. “As a black woman, I try to offer support and mentorship to those in need. What I saw in my mother as a social worker and how she cared for the community, resonates in me as a black woman. It’s not about color, necessarily, but it’s about offering your services to those who need it in your community.”

Looking ahead, Robin envisions expanding Sweet Lemon Creations into more intimate spaces, such as coffee shops. Her goal is to connect with establishments that share her values of family, tradition, and quality. “I thrive in smaller, intimate settings,” she shares. “It’s where I believe my products can truly shine and become a part of people’s everyday lives.”

As Robin continues to spread the delicious taste of southern tradition through Sweet Lemon Creations, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, to pursue their dreams with resilience and authenticity. With each bite of her homemade delights, customers see Robin’s commitment to preserving tradition through her treats.


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