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by | May 24, 2024

Melissa Hackenberg has carved an impressive niche for herself in the real estate landscape. With her licensure dating back to 2005 and her subsequent establishment of a brokerage in 2014, Melissa has cemented her position as a leading figure in the industry. Melissa is the only black-owned brokerage in the County. She is MBE, WBE, and EDGE certified. Her journey is not just about transactions; it’s about empowerment, community upliftment, and breaking barriers.

“A portion of every commission earned through referrals is donated to EN-RICH-MENT of Stark County,” Melissa proudly states, emphasizing her commitment to giving back to her community. EN-RICH-MENT, a local non-profit fine arts organization, and fellow SCMBA member, offers programs such as music lessons, art, cooking, dance, and gardening to under-served urban youth ages 5 to 18.

Community service isn’t just a checkbox for Melissa; it’s a passion. “Giving back to my community is something that is close to my heart,” Melissa affirms. “To me, giving a child something to do that’s creative and artistic is invaluable.”

One of Melissa’s core strengths lies in her skills as a listing agent. She excels in securing the best deals for homeowners, ensuring optimal terms and swift transactions. “Helping first-time homebuyers purchase the home of their dreams is one of my favorite parts of the job,” Melissa shares. “Educating buyers on the process and providing them with information about down payment assistance programs allows me to
assist them in achieving their goal of homeownership.”

However, Melissa’s journey hasn’t been without some challenges. As a minority woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry, she faced hurdles that demanded resilience and resourcefulness. “I felt like I had a lack of support being out on my own,” Melissa recalls. “I had to really get proactive and seek out the education piece on how to do some of the things that I needed to do to generate business.” She encourages others, especially women, to do the same.

“Investing in my business was a pivotal moment for me,” Melissa reflects. “It was scary to spend money on platforms and systems, but it changed everything. Our sales grew exponentially when I started investing in systems.”

Navigating the complexities of real estate, Melissa dedicates herself to demystifying the process for first-time homebuyers. “There’s a common misconception that you need 20% down to buy a house, which isn’t true,” Melissa clarifies. “There are plenty of programs that offer down payment assistance.” She works closely with the Community Building Partnership in Canton to educate people on the process.

By providing education, guidance, and support, she empowers individuals to overcome financial hurdles and achieve homeownership. Melissa’s approach isn’t just transactional; she aims to alter mindsets and open doors to the many possibilities in real estate.

Looking ahead, Melissa envisions expanding her brokerage’s footprint and impact. “In the immediate future, I’m just looking to expand the team and our reach. And, also, to increase the number of sales from year over year,” Melissa says. “Long term, I have aspirations of being the largest minority-owned brokerage in the state. I hope that I can get some help with scaling my business so that I can make that happen.”

OFFICE PHONE: (330) 754-1478


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